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FAQ:  Dental Implant Failures

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Replacement: My husband had 4 implants placed, 2 for a full upper denture and 2 lower for a bridge over 2 missing teeth.

The oral surgon used no anethesia and now one of the lower implants have came out. Any ideas for a replacment?

And is it normal not to use anethesia when puting in implants? ... Visitor from FL

I am assuming from your email that these implants were placed rather recently.

Different factors can lead to implant failure.

Was there adequate bone? Were the implants large enough to support the load for which they were intended? Were the implants loaded prematurely? Did your husband have good oral hygiene, keeping the implants clean?

Implants can be a very successful treatment. However, implant failure is possible. Without more information I could not diagnose why he lost the implant.

As for placing an implant with anesthesia, it is possible. There are no sensory nerve endings in the bone, therefore, you should not feel anything. However, the gum tissue has nerve endings.

In my practice, I usually numb the gum tissue, but I suppose in certain circumstances it is possible to not use any anesthetic. I recommend you seek another opinion or two.

Editorial Staff

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