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FAQ:  Failed Bridge

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Can bridge work be redone if there are numerous issues?: I had 2 bridges done on front 6 teeth one month ago. I went back a week later to let dentist know they are too big.

One of the pontics is catching my lip. Looked as if it was cracked at top when bridge was put on. Also no color match was done prior so they are very white. I asked why it wasn't done prior to bridges being made, really no response.

I was pretty much told I'll get use to it all. This all costing over $4,000 I would think something should be done. They look and feel awful. Also my bite is already damaging one of the front teeth underneath, hence the bridge being too big.

Is there anything I can do? I was hoping my dentist could replace the bridges with proper fitting ones. ... Visitor from Gadsden

Most accomplished dentists use temporary restorations (individual crowns, bridgework, dentures, etc) to assure ample opportunity for making bite and comfort adjustments, along with aesthetic issues of tooth sizing and color matching.

Unfortunately, this use of temporaries is eliminated, on the belief it is a cost saving measure. The additional expense of crafting temporaries is well worth the expense since it more or less assures that the final restorative products (permanent crowns, bridges, dentures) are "right on.")

Every state has it's own definition of "standard of care." If you feel your dentist did not provide the "intermediate services" that typically produce a functional and cosmetic outcome "defined" by the patient, contact your State Dental Board for assistance.

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