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FAQ:  Failed Bridge

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Failed Bridge Ask The Prosthodontist Chris McFarland Question:
Bucked teeth bridge: I got a bridge done in the front of my mouth and my dentist to me seems like she didn't properly place in an upward position so it looks like I have bucked teeth.

My teeth look bigger than my regular teeth. My question is can they be removed or even shaved down? ... Visitor from GA

It's always a big decision to have something done to your front teeth and I'm sure it's disappointing when things don't work out the way you planned.

Anytime a crown is made, enough tooth structure must be removed to create space for the crown materials. If enough space isn't created, the crowns then look bulky.

It is possible in some cases to reduce this bulk but often times this changes the color and appearance in ways that are not acceptable.

You can always remove a crown, but this is usually done by cutting it off which protects the tooth but destroys the crown.

In our practice we usually create the new bridge or crowns on a stone model first to make sure the final product will look the way the patient envisioned.

Temporaries are then created for the patient to wear so they have the time needed to assure that everything looks, feels, fits and functions perfectly before the final porcelain bridge product is made.

Christopher McFarland, DMD
Atlanta Prosthodontist - Periodontist
2530 Lawrenceville Highway
Decatur - Duluth - Atlanta, GA
(770) 492-0256

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