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FAQ:  Failed Bridge

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Repeated bridge failures: My dentist put in two bridges on both of my upper gums on both sides; each containing 3 teeth.

Shortly after getting the permanent ones, they began to fall out, almost every other week. It was embarrassing and a nusisance, especially after paying around $2500 for them!

I would have to go to the office where they would just glue them back in. I noticed that they were not even anchored with a post, as I had seen on my crowns. One day one fell out as I was eating.

My dentist was just like "wow,too bad." Can't he be held liable for such shoddy work? They shouldn't have been falling out on a regular basis! ... Visitor from AR

A properly designed bridge should be expected to function well for 20 to 30 years.

Crowns or bridgework that become dislodged easily suggests that the bridge was poorly designed or installed AND that the bite dynamics are causing a lateral (sideways) pressure on the prosthetic teeth.

Contact your State Dental Board to discuss your treatment experiences with your dentist. You shouldn't be having these problems.

Returning to this dentist for future treatment may not be in your best interest.

Editorial Staff

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