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FAQ:  Failed Root Canal

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Gum pain under crown with root canal: I have pain and swelling of the cheek, jaw bone and gums under and around the crown.

When I bite down on the tooth it does not hurt. Not sensitive to cold or hot.

My dentist x-rayed the tooth and did not see a abcess. My dentist recommended to pull the tooth and place an implant. I feel like they want to sell me a implant.

The root canal is about 10 years old. The swelling and pain goes and comes. Should I see another dentist? ...Visitor from TX

Pain is not a reliable indicator of anything. Retreatments of root canaled teeth aren't recommended by many dentists because of the anticipated high failure rate.

A dental implant replacement for the tooth is a customary recommendation that usually achieves immediate stability and function.... which can last a lifetime with proper care.

Although appearing to be an expensive treatment, the costs for failed retreatments of a root canaled tooth will quickly dwarf the cost of an implant for most patients.

Editorial Staff

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