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I believe this started when I had my bottom wisdom teeth extracted. I was about 16, and I am now 24. All four, top and bottom, were impacted. The dentist said that the top ones would not grow in.

About 2 years later they did, rotten. Since then decay has spread to the teeth next to those, and two molars on bottom have decayed and broken off. I have recently seen a dentist and had x-rays and an exam. I have abcesses around the roots on a couple of them. I need 5 surgical extractions, and a few filings. Also, I am in terrible pain.

My question is what are the conseqeunces for this going even further untreated. I have a lack of funds as I am a college student and will be starting a job on Oct. 15. I won't be able to afford the procedures that he described until I can work and save some money. I am currently taking Clindamycin. I am told that the infection will come back. I have swollen lymph nodes, and a periodic fever. Could letting this go untreated cause heart damage? ...Visitor from GA

The consequences of this going on untreated may be severe.

I understand your financial concerns but you are in a position that has worsened because you have waited. It may get even worse though. I would suggest that you seek care soon. If you continually take this strong of an antibiotic without removing the cause of the infection you may find yourself with a much more resistant infection that could even end up with you in the hospital....

You can treat this relatively simply at this point... even though it seems severe. One possible solution for your financial concern might be to go to the University of Georgia School of Dentistry. It is out of the way for you but that might cost fewer dollars.

Whatever you need to do (seek help from family members... friends etc...) I would suggest that you get this on the top of your priority list and seek care. It is your health that is involved here and you will get large dividends if you decide to take care of your body. You are the only one who can make this happen.

Editorial Staff

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