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Generally speaking, how long after a tooth extraction should it take for an infection to clear up, if there is a lump in the gum and cheek, prior to the extraction? This was an upper tooth (#13) and had to be removed because of a verticle crack.

Regarding the healing time for an extraction; this really depends on the extent of the original infection and the amount of surgery that was done to remove the tooth. An abscess with a "bubble" over the gum should clear up fairly quickly after the infective source (cracked tooth) is removed.

Usually you will see the actual infection (puss and swelling) go away in a few days. The hole in the gum and bone will take a few months to close up in most normal cases. When I remove a tooth (such as #13), I will usually wait 2-3 months to do the final bridge or implant in the area. This will allow time for the tissue to close up and shrink and allow me the opportunity to hide the final bridge etc.

If you notice extensive swelling or drainage with puss from the area, you should contact your dentist because you could have an infection and may need some medicine to treat this. I hope this helps for your general question on healing. BTW It will help to take some anti-inflammatory meds for the first few days to help prevent swelling and pain.

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