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FAQ:  Extractions

Molar Extractions (GRAPHIC)
8 extractions in 4.5 minutes(GRAPHIC)
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Extractions without Bone Loss
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Extraction JawBone Issues

Extraction of molar after root canal: I have decay under a crown where I had a root canal.

My dentist recommends extracting the tooth and filling it with bone graft but not replacing the crown or doing an implant.

Is that safe since this is my back lower jaw tooth and it is not holding other teeth in place? Will my upper tooth be affected with nothing to bite on? ...Visitor from TX

Doing the socket graft (bone graft) is smart, usually done for future prep for an implant once the new bone is fully regenerated and osseointegrated with neighboring tissue.

Leaving an opposing tooth "without occlusion" can cause the tooth to super erupt. Your dentist probably intends to do the implant later, or refer you to someone who can.

To see pictures of super erupted teeth, visit the "Bad Teeth" picture gallery... to see some extreme examples of super eruption.

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