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Molar Extractions (GRAPHIC)
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Extractions without Bone Loss
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Extraction JawBone Issues

I had an upper molar and lower molar both removed 4 days ago. I have had several teeth removed in the past with no problem.

The lower molar that was removed is not giving me any problem. However, the upper molar area feels swollen and painful. There is no dry socket, I know what those feel like.

I have never had an upper tooth removed before. Is this a normal feeling or should I be worried and go back to the dentist? ...Visitor from Winona Lake

Two events associated with "typical" molar extractions is the advent of bone shards or slivers migrating through the gum tissue. In most instances, these slivers of bone will emerge and come out on their own. In some cases, though, a dentist may be needed to remove them.

Another, more serious, issue is the possibility of a root tip that was left behind. These fragments must be removed to assure that infection does not become deep seated in the jaw bone.

The best resource for diagnosing the possiblity of root tip fragments is a Periodontist who has access to a Cone Beam CTscan device. Once located, removal is fairly straight forward.

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