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I seem to still have pain from an extracted molar. It was removed 2 months ago. A piece of my bone came out with the tooth. What could be the problem? Any possible nerve damage? ...Wendy in OH

Wendy, after 2 months your extraction site should be completely healed. Nerve damage usually manifests itself as numbness, not pain... so I doubt that is a problem.

If you are a smoker you may be experiencing delayed dry socket, which can be cured with 10 days of a strong antibiotic like Duricef. Nevertheless, there is absolutely no reason why you should still be having pain.

You need to go back to your dentist and have an x-ray taken to make sure that there are no root pieces left. If everything looks O.K., have your dentist check for TMJ or muscular/nerve pain that may be caused by your joints. If you are not getting any answers have your dentist refer you to an oral surgeon for a second opinion.

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