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Front tooth extraction and socket grafting: I will soon have a front upper tooth extracted. It has a crown on it and years ago had a root canal (old basketball injury).

I don't want to have an implant because I'm very prone to infections and feel like I will be asking for trouble. I've decided to have a bridge which I understand means I need crowns on each tooth next to the pulled one.

My question is since I'm going with a bridge then is it necessary or recommended to have some type of filler put in when the tooth is pulled?

Or is just pulling it alone and dong the rest of the work for the non-removable bridge enough? ...Visitor from Kennewick WA

Bone graft material for extraction sites isn't necessary in most cases if a bridge is used to span the gap. Bone graft material usually deteriorates over time when no tooth roots or no implant device is present to "stimulate" bone tissue.

Remember that the anchor ends of your new bridge will require modification of two healthy teeth. There is a remote possibility that getting a dental implant (in the long run) is less invasive and has less risk of failure than a dental bridge.

Bridges can last up to 20-30 years or so, with diligent oral health habits. A dental implant can last a lifetime.

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