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Oral Surgery Extraction Problems Ask The Dentist Marie Schweinebraten Question:
Gum still red after 6 weeks extraction: I had a front tooth pulled 6 weeks ago. The socket turned brown, but a vertical area next to it stayed red, where the dentist must have sliced accidentally on the gum.

This vertical slice mark is still red, but not swollen or infected, after 6 weeks. How can I get it to heal? ...Visitor from SC

It may take some time for the area to completely heal.

If there was a vertical "incision" made, and no suture was placed (it may not have been needed), then the healing will take longer since a gap or space has to fill in.

Make sure you are keeping the area clean and rinse with salt water frequently. If you have not gone back to the dentist who did the extraction for a follow-up check, then I would recommend doing so.

You might need a prescription mouthwash to help the healing. In a small number of cases, after the healing is complete and the redness has gone away, the tissue can be reshaped if it causes a cosmetic problem or makes cleaning difficult.

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