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Still have swelling after 3 weeks: I had my rear lower tooth at the back removed 3 weeks ago.

It took a long time to remove and I was told I had stubborn roots. Two days later I went back and got put on penicilin. I had a dissolvable stitch put in and three weeks later I have got a bubble like swelling over the gum.

There is no pain but the dentist has put me on strong antibiotics and removed the stitch. Could the stitch which didn't dissolve cause the infection?

The dentist said it was strange that a healthy young man has not healed yet... which has got me all paranoid about my general health now! ...Visitor from Hampshire, UK

It is unlikely for the stitch to cause the problem you are describing.

Oftentimes a condition called dry socket occurs when tooth socket gets infected, regardless of the degree of difficulty of tooth extraction. However this is accompanied by severe pain.

I would recommend you to go to your physician to rule out any underlying medical problems. Frequent hot salt water mouth washes will be very helpful.

Editorial Staff

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