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FAQ:  Extractions

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Extractions Ask The Dentist Richard Winter Question:
Throbbing pain - pressure after extraction: I had my right front tooth removed almost 3 weeks ago.

It was infected - a crown that came loose. A previous root canal and apioectomy were performed years ago. Terrible pain since. It feels numb, severe throbbing entire front of face.

Been back to oral surgeon - took antibiotics, steroids, flipper hurts too. Also saw ENT and regular dentist since. No one has clue. Excruciating, relentless pain - no one with answer.

No dry socket - looks to be healing normally - where to go now? Lortab/prcocet given--no relief ...Visitor from GA

While I can't have any of the information that these other professionals had by examining you with x-rays, I can throw in my 2 cents.

If they numb the area with local anesthetic, does all of the pain go away? There could be a residual cyst or infection in the remaining bone that needs to be cleaned out.

Did more -xrays get taken from various angles to rule out possible alveolar crestal bone or inter radicular bone fracture?

Lastly, could there be a sinusitus that wasn't found? Have all of the other teeth been pulp tested and checked for fractures to see if you have referred pain from some secondary pathology?

Lastly, has it been evaluated by the dentist for occlusion problems on adjacent teeth or a neurologist to evaluate potential nerve damage??

Best of luck, this is only a few of the things that should be followed up upon

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