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Some time ago within the year, I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. My teeth had been causing me no pain but were impacted on the top, and only slightly visible on the bottom but would never come all the way in.

After their extraction, I have noticed my teeth have been shifting, my mouth feels different than it did before. The shifting is indeed noticable and has even producing problems with my ability to effectively keep my teeth clean. Is shifting normal? I don't know what to do. ...Visitor from NJ

It certainly sounds as though removing these wisdom teeth was the correct decision, so don't doubt that. As far as shifting it's not unheard of but current knowledge says that the pressure from the 3rd molars is insufficient to press forward enough to cause changes, especially in the front of the mouth.

Not sure what to tell you to do next. Perhaps an exam/follow up to see the current position of the teeth and verify that it's maintainable.

Editorial Staff

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