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My periodontist suggested today that I have my four bottom front teeth extracted and then a six unit bridge put in. I have had ongoing bone loss there since my 20's and I am now 50.

I noticed just a couple months ago that one of the four bottom front teeth was loose and the one next to it had shifted forward. Basically I have two bad teeth of those bottom four. It seems drastic to pull all four when two of them are still good, but I'm not sure how much longer before the two good ones might get loose. She said it's easier to just pull all four and replace them with a bridge because you have a better fit, better match, etc.

It makes sense to me, but all of what she was saying was just too overwhelming and it's just now sinking in. I'm going to meet with my dentist (same office as the periodontist) next week for consultation. Also, is there an urgency in having this done? The pocket next to the loose tooth she measured at 9, and I think she said a mobility of 2.

I was thinking I could put this off for another year, but maybe that is not good for the teeth (which are strong) that will need to hold the bridge in place. I've read alot about implants but I doubt I'm a candidate for that since I've had so much bone loss. ...Visitor from FL

It certainly can be overwhelming when you have things like this come up when you were not expecting it. Basically you are being given some good advice.

You also have some good questions. I would want to ask those same questions too. If you want to know what the different possibilities might be to have fixed prosthetics, you could possibly:

1) Save all the teeth and splint them together
2) Remove all 4 teeth and have implants placed. (Most likely there would only be room for 2 or 3 implants... and you may require a bone graft in that area)
3) Remove all 4 teeth and have a bridge made. If you have a bridge made I would most likely want to extend it back at least 2 possibly 3 teeth or more on each side depending on the bone you have on the other teeth.

These are what I think of on short notice here. Best of luck to you.

Editorial Staff

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