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FAQ:  Extraction Orthodontics

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I'm 25 yrs old. I have had upper braces for about 2 months now.

My lower braces will be fixed next month. However in my last visit to my orthodontist, he asked me to pull one upper tooth (number 5) because he said I have 40% overbiting and also to make some room.

Knowing that I have all my teeth saved except for the four wisdom teeth. My question is, is it normal that I need to pull only one tooth instead of two?

Doesn't the procedure need to be done symmetrically? I'm afraid that my all my upper teeth are going to shift to the right because of that. ....Visitor from FL

Extraction orthodontics is a controversial procedure.

Extracting only a single tooth will likely make your smile "very unusual" since the common symmetry that we all expect to see in a smile will be missing.

Inquire about the possibility of removing two molars to create the room needed. Of course, it may take a little more time to achieve the desired result... but you will have the smile that you want.

You are to be commended for perceiving the potential changes that most patients would avoid if they knew the results beforehand. For someone to recommend such a treatment speaks volumes about a dentist/orthodontist having the "patient's interests at heart" vs completing a treatment early.

Editorial Staff

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