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FAQ:  Tooth Enamel

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Transparent Teeth: Both of my front teeth are becoming increasingly transparent along the bottom. I can actually see through the entire bottom of one tooth and half of the bottom of the other other.

The teeth seem to be slowly wearing away where they have become transparent as the tooth that is half normal (not transparent) is longer on that half then on the other half that is transparent and longer then the other fromt tooth which is transparent along the entire bottom.

I'm only 31 yrs old and I'm not sure if this is normally something associated with old age. ...Visitor from NY

From the description that you give it may be that the teeth have worn through the enamel (the hard outer part of the tooth) and into the dentin (the Inner hard part of the tooth).

The dentin being softer is eroding away at a quicker rate. The enamel is unsupported and may break. If this is the situation, it is not from general aging and should be addressed. Often a white color filling in the area will help.

Editorial Staff

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