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FAQ:  Tooth Enamel

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Tooth Enamel Gum Recession Richard Winter Question:
My question has to do with the lack of protective enamel in the tooth area exposed by receding gums. I've always had healthy teeth, but now I develop cavities near my gum line.

Do toothpastes with potassium nitrite really help? Does anything rebuild enamel? ...Visitor from NJ

Recession could be a symptom of periodontal disease, poor brushing habits, traumatic bite related issues and should be evaluated by your dentist.

Potassium nitrate will help plug pores in the exposed cementum of the tooth and MI paste or fluorides with calcium phosphate may help remineralize tooth structure but it won't rebuild lost enamel.

You may need gingival grafting to cover the exposed areas or fillings if there is decay present. Your dentist can discuss your diet, use of soda and acidic drinks as a cause of cervical decay.

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