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FAQ:  Tooth Enamel

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Repairing Tooth Enamel

Peeling enamel: A friend has been having a problem whereby the enamel on her teeth is peeling off (no bulimia or anything like that involved).

She has seen two different dentists, both of whom say that that is not possible. But it is happening. Do you know what could be causing it? ...Visitor from CA

Enamel that peels off of a tooth is certainly a unique symptom.

A referral to a Periodontist is the next step.... which should have been made already by at least one of the two dentists that were reportedly seen.

Xerostomia (dry mouth) is a common culprit that can be induced several different ways. Drug abuse, medication regimens, ph imbalances, food preferences and metabolic factors can all play a role.

Periodontists also have professional grade products that are very effective in combating enamel degradation.

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