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FAQ:  Ear and Throat Pain

Ear and Throat Pain after Crowns: 3 days ago I had 6 crowns put on my front teeth and a deep cleaning in my upper right quadrant. I was in the dental chair for 4 hours.

I've been in pain since but today I have moderate to severe pain in my right ear and right side of my throat and have developed a cold sore on the right side of my lip.

6 days from now I am having 2 teeth removed on the right side. During the 4 hour appt 3 days ago I needed several shots of Novocaine and another local they used. It is very achy in the spots where the local was administeted.

I'm worried I have an infection but my teeth are only mildly uncomfortable. What could be the cause of the ear and throat pain? ... Visitor from San Diego

Having your mouth open and extended for a few hours can cause temporary tmj discomfort.... which should disappear after a few days.

Muscle relaxants are sometimes prescribed to accelerate the return of normal tmj function. Minor irritations of the throat can also occur.

Editorial Staff

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