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Dentures Ask The Dentist Richard Winter Question:
Are Dentures Comfortable? I am in the middle of a full mouth rehab nightmare and want all my teeth out! My dentist started by preparing my lower six teeth for veneers. They have hurt me from day one!

They always felt high, hurt me to chew caused me headaches constant pain, and I can't sleep, eat or live with this. I went back to the dentist that mal-installed them and he grinded on the porcelain til they looked like crap. Then when he still couldn't fix them he grinded on my upper beautiful crowns til they had holes in them.

He insists in his letter to peer review he never touched them - but I know my mouth and these crowns have been perfect for 10 years. After 10 visits to try and correct this mess, he told me to be patient and he would re-do them if necessary for free.

That butcher isn't touchin me again. I went to the local dental school that told me I needed to have all my work removed and redone. Now cause my bite is off and there are holes in my upper caps I have temps on 22 teeth. I still have pain, I can't afford all this work and I want em out. Can you help me with this. Oh by the way, I have TMJ now and can hardly open my mouth. ... Visitor from WI

I am so sorry for your problems and pain. Dentures are really a poor answer to your problems. The idea of bone loss long term, the change in your jaw relationships and the loss of chewing ability may worsen your situation.

The presence of teeth, no matter how compromised is far superior to "no teeth". In terms of treatment, if you are being treated at a dental school by a faculty member, they will prioritize your care.

The muscle and joint pain will be addressed with splint therapy, anti-inflammatories and when it is stabilized the dental work can be refined.

I am sorry this was brought to the peer review process but am hopeful that a resolution can be found to your many ailments. If finances are limiting your care, then the prosthodontists at the dental school should be able to offer options that vary in cost and complexity to find staging of care that will be acceptable to you.

Even long term provisionals can be fabricated (temporaries) so that this treatment can be done over a period of many months or a couple of years. I wish you luck, no dentures, and a quick resolution to your problems

Wisconsin Reconstructive Implant Dentistry
Wisconsin Prosthodontics
Richard Winter, DDS MAGD
Winter Dental Associates
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Milwaukee Wisconsin WI 53218
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