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I am 50 years old and have worn an upper denture for over 30 years. I have gone thru periods of a great deal of denture pain and going to a series of dentists to get the correct fit. I suspect some of the problems were due to material sensitivity. The last 10 years were relatively pain free until last spring when I went for a sore spot.

When the dentist adjusted my denture it was like rocking the boat. I ended up going back many times for adjustments over two months. I finally said we need to do a reline. The Dentist way overbuilt the denture on the sides when he did the reline. I have beern going back for adjustments for six weeks on the average twice a week. I finally went to a new dentist to start a new denture. I suspect some of my problems with the reline are due to sensitivity to the material as my mouth feels dry and tends to feel numb and burning and is hypersensitive to any rough spots on the denture. I have multiple chemical sensitivity.

Another problem I have had with dentures is my tongue has not been able to tolerate the shape of the palate area. I asked my dentist if he could duplicate the shape of the palate in my old dentures and he said no. Can this be done? Also, my old denture has porcelain teeth. I seem to have been hypersensitive to some of the plastics used in the teeth in the past. My dentist says he would never use porcelain teeth.

I visited an oral surgeon today who said that no matter what a dentist does I won't be able to wear a new denture because I am so sensitive. I refuse to accept this. I have TMJ and a whiplash injury. Also, I have a reflex twitch in my upper jaw muscles. The oral surgeon says he would not recommend implants. He says I am in pretty good shape as far as the amount of ridge left. Any advice is appreciated as this problem is greatly affecting my life. ... Visitor from MA

You may not be able to wear dentures. Have a new set made and ask for the porcelain teeth and the best quality acrylic.

If your tissues still are sensitive, porcelain crowns on implants may be your only answer.

Editorial Staff

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