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I just had dentures put in about 9 months ago. They were immediate dentures I don't think they have ever fit proper.

When I smile both sides of my dentures want to push downwards I have to use Polygrip and then you can still hear and feel them trying to push down. There is no suction whatsoever without the Polygrip. They would not even stay in my mouth.

When I smile they feel tight on my upper lip, not a natural smile. There seems to be an about 1/8 of inch between my gums and where my dentures are sticking out in front. ... Visitor from FL

Sorry to hear about your dilemma. First let me say that an immediate denture should always be thought of as a transitional denture. I say this because once your teeth are removed the tissue and remaining bone undergo remodeling, thus the denture becomes loose.

This is especially true when you have a lot of teeth removed. Another point is that when an immediate denture is made, one cannot do a wax try-in of the denture setup because the patient's teeth have not been removed. Therefore, we can only approximate what the remaining tissue and bone will look like after extractions.

So what do you do? Go back to your dentist and have him reline you denture so that it will fit more snug, thin out the borders of the denture so that your lip is not stretched, make sure the borders are properly extended, and you have a good posterior seal. Then I would get a new denture made and use the immediate denture as a back-up just in case the new one breaks and needs to be repaired. Hope I have helped.

Editorial Staff

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