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I had all teeth extracted 2 weeks ago and had immediate dentures placed at that time.. I have been unable to wear the bottom plate due to the fact that the front bottom teeth seem to line up with the top teeth.. (not really an overbite).

With the teeth this way I am unable to talk correctly etc. and it also appears the the bottom plate is too large for my mouth. With it in. it looks as though I have pouches in my mouth on each side. I don't believe the top denture is correct. It seems as though there is too much of an arch (where front teeth are located) and is crowding my gums. The oral surgeon that did the extractions (not the same person who made the denture) also mentioned that he had trouble getting the top plate in. He didn't think it was correct.

I visited the denturist that made the denture and he said he couldn't do anything until 6 months has passed, then he would do a relign.. but I asked him to do one sooner..and I didnt mind paying for it. I don't mind the dentures being floppy. I can use adhesive but I at least need them to fit. What would you recommend? Visitor from Maine

I am sorry you had to loose your teeth.

You need to explain to the dentist that the position of the teeth is the problem, not the fit.

Without seeing you, it is tough to know. In South Portand, Dan Armstrong, is a great dentist. Go for a consult and see what he says.

Even if you do a reline and the teeth are in the wrong position, you will still be in trouble. Best of luck.

Editorial Staff

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