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Smoothing the bone: I had all of my upper teeth removed a week ago and my insurance didn't cover the bone smoothing.

I have to wait three more weeks to take the impressions and I am scared that I won't be able to have dentures made because I didn't get the smoothing of the bone done. Can I still? ...Visitor from Bakersfield

Insurance companies rarely provide the economic support for "ideal" dental treatment. As a general rule, they only provide the minimum of services.

Bone leveling is the "cadillac treatment" for assuring that the ridge of bone that supports a new denture is level throughout the entire arch.

Typically, full arch extractions leave behind a ridge of bone that has numerous "holes" (extraction sites) with varying levels of bone.

Bone leveling involves leveling all of the bone, along with socket grafts (filling of extraction sites) that create a near-perfect foundation for a denture that fits snugly. For implant supported dentures, it enables patients to have a new set of teeth that look and function like an expensive bridge..... at a fraction of the cost.

Hopefully, your treatment to date is sufficient to support a denture prosthetic that is comfortable and is functional. If you discover that "new" symptoms of discomfort, pain, looseness or gum irritation become prevalent, talk to your dentist about having implants placed to "hold" your denture in place.

Editorial Staff

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