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New Dentures make Lips Bulge Out: I just got an upper denture two days ago.

When the dentist put it in, I expressed to him that it looked like I have a mouthpiece inside my mouth because the area between my nose and my upper lip bulges out...I mean WAY OUT!

The denture doesn't even touch my gums in front. He said it would look better in a week. What do I do? How long do I have to wait to have a whole new one made?

I had 6 teeth pulled and got six stitches when I got the immediate denture so I know it needs to heal. But how long and should I just go to another dentist?

I look completely different and am so embarrassed. I have never seen anybody look like this with dentures. .... Visitor from CA

Immediate Denture Looks Bad
An immediate denture has to be made by the dentist without the ability to test it in the patients mouth. The lab tech and the dentist have to remove the teeth on the patient's mouth model and make the denture from the model.

When the teeth are extracted, the denture may not fit very well because the dentist could not try it in the patient's mouth to test the fit. The patient is sore immediately after the extractions and may have swelling over the next couple of days, making denture adjustments more difficult. Swelling can actually cause a denture that would normally be acceptable to look completely wrong.

Should I Get a New Dentist
Changing dentists right after extractions is reasonable if the patient has totally lost confidence. But, as healing progresses, there is a very good chance that the existing dentist will be able to adjust the denture and reduce the extension of the flanges to allow the denture to seat properly.

A new denture may not have to be made and if the patient will go back to the existing dentist and give the dentist a chance to make adjustments, successful care may be the end result.

My Denture Still Looks Bad
After a week or two, if the denture still looks bad, a new denture may have to be made. The existing dentist may still be able to make a denture that will be pleasing to the patient and may offer to try.

But, if the patient feels that the existing dentist cannot deliver the level of care desired, then a second opinion may be the best choice.

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