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Dentures Ask The Dentist Richard Winter Question:
Denture Malpractice? My bottom teeth were recently pulled because they were in pretty bad shape.

I was told by the dentist that I should get a bottom denture and try to save my upper teeth because they weren't in that bad of shape.

After having all of these pulled, a different dentist told me she was wrong, that putting a bottom denture against my natural top teeth could be considered malpractice and that they scheduled me to have my upper teeth removed.

Is this true and is getting them all out the best thing? .... Visitor from OH

Wow, there has to be more to than this story than you are relating.

No dentist would put you through that series of extractions and change their mind. If your upper teeth are good, fair or moderately healthy - save them.

The loss of teeth creates severe bone loss, decreased biting forces, less taste, poor speech and a host of other problems.

Dentures are like artificial limbs - they are to be avoided at all costs.

From your letter it sounds as though you haven't had a thorough discussion of all of your options. You should be concerned with maintaing your remaining lower jaw bone!

So you need implants. You should discuss how many implants, mini-implants, different types of overdentures on implants or bridges on implants and that is where all of your money should be spent.

Lower dentures against upper teeth is NOT malpractice but is a crying shame. It is the worst scenario for chewing of all possible scenarios.

You have a loose denture - lowers are always loose, even with adhesive, on a lower jaw that moves on a hinge and that causes dentures sores, improper chewing and patient dissatisfaction.

Get a consult regarding implants and go to someone experienced in implant dentistry. Do not pull your uppers unless they are loose, infected and are creating pain or problems that necessitate their removal.

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