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FAQ:  Denture Pain

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I had to get top dentures about 2 years ago. They didn't have any suction whatsoever, even with dental adhesives they would still fall down/out etc. I had gone back to this dentist several times for adjustments(?) but they still never fit but with all the adjustments he'd made, my upper teeth didn't even show.

They've always hurt and given me sores and alot of misery. Finally this dentist said he'd do them over. Still they didn't show and I tried to give the dentist my picture to show him the problem and he said he didn't need to see it. He sent the denture back to the lab and instructed them to lengthen the front 6 teeth, this was done 3 times. The dentist told me that because of the size increase, I would now have quite an overbite.

The dentist then informed me he was done and I didn't need to come back in again. I couldn't believe he just left it at that. This overbite I now have is horrible. This dentist took all the impressions etc. himself, that is why it's hard to understand how he could just leave me with such a mess, come on a big overbite to lengthen teeth? Is that normal procedure?

What I don't understand is why couldn't he make the impression or whatever else he did, to make a "copy" of "MY" teeth. The denture still would not get any suction and it still constantly made me gag. You cannot imagine what daily life had become. Most of the time I don't wear the denture due to it not staying in, the pain and blisters it causes, and in turn the inability to eat "regular" food.

Could you please advise me. I do not wish to "suffer" like this any longer, not to mention I very rarely leave the house because of this mess. Thank you, hope you can help. ... Visitor from NV

Go to another dentist and get a second opinion. The best kind to go to is a Prosthodontist. They are specialists in making dentures and can be found in most Yellow Pages.

All of your complaints could be eliminated with the use of dental implants. They allow making porcelain teeth that are ultimately cemented in the mouth and are never removed. It's like having your own teeth back again.

Editorial Staff

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