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FAQ:  Dental Trauma

Loose permanent teeth from accident for 6 year old: My 6 year old daughter has permanent front teeth.

Last week when she was playing with her friend, she suffured trauma to her front teeth. The teeth bled for awhile and became loose.

Everything still looks normal now, but when she brushes or eats food the teeth wiggle.

Will her teeth tighten back up on their own? What do we need to do to make her teeth normal again? ...Visitor from TX

In many situations, teeth that become loose due to trauma can heal properly without too much intervention. Because of the bleeding, there may be some issue involved with the conditon of the jaw bone and periodontal ligaments.

Take her to a Pediatric dentist, or better yet, a Periodontist to make sure no irreversible damage has occurred to the jawbone and periodontal ligaments.

Editorial Staff

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