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FAQ:  Cyst

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Crowns Ask The Dentist Edward Leventhal Question:
Black between gums and crown: I have several porcelain crowns on my front teeth.

Several years ago I got a cyst in my gums. My dentist said all of the root was not removed in my root canal. The cyst caused my teeth to shift and they are now uneven.

Some pushed forward leaving a black line between the crown and my gums. My dentist now says that he wants to remove my front teeth and give me a plate or flapper.

Can anything else be done other that pulling teeth? Why can't I just have the crowns removed and put back in closer to the gum so the black doesn't show? ...Visitor from FL

I do not have adequate information to advise you.

Is there adequate bone?
Are there deep pockets?
How is the oral hygiene?
How many other teeth are lost?

With good bone, good hygiene, and minimum pockets, a splint or multiple attached crowns with very high carat yellow gold can be fabricated.

But, if you do not like the diagnosis you have been given, try another dentist for a second opinion.

Edward Leventhal, DDS

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