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FAQ:  Cyst

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Wisdom Tooth - Sinus Cavity: When I was 29 I had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed (they were all impacted). The 4th one which is the upper left the dentist did not remove because it is sitting on top of a molar, impacted with a cyst.

The dentist said it's too close to the sinus cavity. I am now 42 and have chronic sinusitis. Can this tooth be removed by an oral surgeon assisted by an ENT? Could this tooth be aggravating the sinuses? ....Visitor from NY

Without seeing the radiograph it is difficult to determine if the remaining wisdom tooth could be removed without damaging adjacent teeth or other vital structures. An experienced oral surgeon has the ability to access and remove the tooth.

Conceptually if there is a cyst it could have an effect on the maxillary sinus which could be aggravating your sinusitis.

Editorial Staff

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