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FAQ:  Cyst

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Pus filled cyst on roof of mouth behind front teeth: My son has been suffering from a cyst that comes and goes about once a year.

He can feel it coming on...fills with pus and maybe some blood looking material. Reaches a point where it bursts and he feels better.

He just had this happen again and this time had a severe headache with it. He went to the doctor and they didn't know what to do with him so gave him a wide spectrum antibiotc and sent him home.

Any suggestions? ... Visitor from ND

If it is a "real" cyst it is highly probable that healthy bone is being compromised.

Consult a Periodontist, especially one that has a laser. Cysts can be removed very quickly with a minimum of invasiveness.

If it is something other than a cyst the Periodontist can determine what is happening, why it is happening and develop a treatment for it so it is treated successfully and definitely.

We have a video of a bone cyst being removed on a lower jaw. You can see the resulting hole that remained. Bone graft material was used to rebuild what was lost:


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