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Treating Enamel Erosion: Step One

Enamel Erosion - Meth Mouth Dynamics

Video: Prevent - Control Acid Erosion
Video: Dry Mouth - Xerostomia Cure Products

Bad Ph Saliva Acid Demineralization
Xerostomia, dry mouth and meth mouth, when used as a descriptive term pertaining to dentistry, conjures up images of individual teeth, or several teeth, that are nearing stages of extreme disrepair.

Although the descriptive terms may mean different things to different people, the dynamics for creating the damage are very similar for different patient populations who are faced with this type of condition and treatment need.

Birds of a Feather: Catastrophic Erosion - Degradation

The first photo presented here is a good example of what can go wrong in oral health care. The observed damage is the result of a cumulative process. One might guess that this level of deterioration was caused by drug (e.g., amphetamine abuse) or something similar.

But... these types of conditions can also be caused by over consumption of sugar based (includes corn syrup based products) soft drink beverages that includes so-called energy drinks. Deceptively labeled as "energy soft drinks" the amounts of caffeine and sugar-like additives (includes sugar and corn syrup products) can cause un-anticipated side effects.

Medication Effects

For yet another group of patients, these types of dental destruction and eventual treatment needs can also arise from the side effects or complications for cancer treatment programs.

Moving Beyond the Diagnosis

Regardless of what originally caused the condition or conditons that are responsible (anticipated or proven) for generalized destruction of tooth structures, the FOCUS should be on what can be changed to control or eliminate the causal factors.

Expensive vs Currently Do-Able

Depending upon the extent of damage and remaining amounts of hard and soft tissue (teeth, perioo ligaments, gums), rstorative or reconstructive treatments can require considerable expense.

While forestalling definitive treatments is a common "behavior" of patients faced with this type of treatment need, it makes better sense to "start" controlling or influencing the current conditions that promote the ongoing tissue loss.

Food Products and Professional Grade Supplements

For some patients, a 180 degree change in food preferences can represent a good beginning of change. Patients who have dry mouth symptoms arising from medication programs can consult with a Periodontist AND their physician to determine what medications can be changed or supplemented with professional grade supplements to overcome the effects of a particular medication program that must be maintained.

Saliva and Oral PH Factors

Dry mouth or Xerostomia is a condition that involves the biochemistry implications or normal ph factors and saliva production. Saliva under-production appears to be a common variable in a variety of dry mouth syndromes that inevitably destroy teeth.

Patients who suspect that there might be a "saliva issue" that does not involve complicating factors of medication histories would do well to seek the help of a Periodontist. Similarly, dry mouth patients who don't have ready access to a treating physician or Endocrine specialist would do well to geet the expert help of a periodontal dental practice to obtain a preliminary diagnosis and effective supplements that can "begin" the process of correction.

Getting "started" is much better than "waiting"..... regardless of the severity.

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