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FAQ:  Crown or Root Canal

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Crown pain: I had a temporary crown put in 4 days ago for a cracked tooth. I was told it cracked due to my old silver filling and I would possibly need a root canal but nothing was pointing to a root canal yet.

They would put a temp and if I experienced pain I would need the root canal. I felt a small amount of pain after eating the first couple of days. But now the pain is worse, its been progressively getting worse.

Today I can barely take it. It is now Sunday so I will be calling the dentist tomorrow. Does it sound like I will need the root canal? Or is the bite off which is causing pain and making the pain worse? ... Visitor from Royal Palm Beach

It sounds like the tooth root and nerve tissue have been compromised. Tooth cracks that migrate into the root area are difficult, if not impossible to treat effectively.

If the overall tooth structure is healthy, a root canal treatment is typically recommended to obliterate the perception of pain.

If the crack does indeed enter into the root area, a root canal treatment may be short lived. Biting pressures routinely cause cracks to worsen over time.

Due to the cumulative costs of root canal retreatments, it may prove worthwhile to discuss with your dentist the sensibility of a dental implant replacement for that tooth.

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