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FAQ:  Crown or Root Canal

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Crown or Root Canal: An Xray revealed in a tooth next to an extracted wisdom tooth to have a small crack causing pain.

My dentist recommended a temporary crown and if no pain for 2-3 weeks then a permanent crown.

However, if pain still persists then a root canal be done before a permanent crown.

OK, my question is could or should a root canal be done without any crown or since I'm over 60 should I possibly just get the tooth extracted? ... Visitor from VA

Crowning a cracked or fractured tooth can lead to alot of misery for some patients if the crown causes the crack to flex, possibly causing unwanted stimulation of the nerve.

Root canal treatment for compromised teeth, especially cracked or fractured ones, is another expensive treatment that can end in failure, for some patients.

Biting forces on molar teeth are EXTREME and can make nearly any compromised tooth fail. The outcome is almost impossible to predict.

Many dentists now recommend extraction and replacement with an implant. Implants easily endure the biting forces anywhere within the jaw and provide the added benefit of keeping the bone in good health due to the direct stimulation to the bone.

Although seemingly pricey, if other convervative treatments fail, the repeat treatments can rapidly accumulate in cost, outstripping the cost for an implant and crown at the outset.

Although insurance benefits sometimes have the effect of dictating what is to be done, if not watched closely, can lead to even more expense due to the different coverage characteristics of dental isurance policies.

In today's economic times it can be beneficial for many patients to closely evaluate treatments costs at the "worst case scenario level". Exhausting financial resources on a conservative treatment can lead to a situation where follow up treatment requires delay... which further compromises the outcome of a failed treatment.

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