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FAQ:  Cracked Tooth

I have two cracked molars from grinding my teeth too hard when I forgot to wear my night guard! Major bummer!!! Anyway, I am now having some low grade pain with both teeth. This is mild enough to be kept under control with over the counter Ibuprofen.

However, we are about to go on vacation and I can't afford to get the crowns on these two teeth for at least another month. Even with my insurance it will be expensive and I want to take my kids on vacation. So, my question is, what am I risking by waiting?

What would be the worse case scenario if I wait another month to get these fixed? I've known about this problem for a month and a half. The pain started about two weeks ago. Any opinion you may have on this would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you are on your way to an infection which can lead to a swollen face and other problems. I guess you have to prioritize your wants with your needs. If you grind your teeth you should have TMJ x-rays taken to make sure that the new teeth are done in the correct jaw-jaw position. You most likely also need root canals with the pain you are experiencing, so the cost will most likely double.

Editorial Staff

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