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FAQ:  Cracked Tooth

After grinding my teeth while sleeping I woke up with pain in the #2 tooth. To touch it, or have hot or cold on it was too much.

The next day I was given penicillan to take for 10 days (from after hour clinic). I had an xray done 3 days later and they said I needed a root canal.

With no insurance I made an appointment with a highly recommended dentist. He took one xray and said he couldn't see anything to justify a root canal.

The pain I had felt previously lasted for just that first day There is a slight pain if I tap on the tooth but it doesn't hurt to eat or drink, or have anything hot or cold. Could a crack in the center of the tooth be the culprit and just need a crown? ... Visitor from MT

A cracked or fractured tooth isn't "always" repaired with a crown. In some instances, a crown can make such a tooth fail even faster.

Some dentists know how to use a root canal procedure as a means for opening up the interior of the tooth to inspect for cracks or fractures. If a crack is observed to extend downward, the ususal treatment is extraction and dental implant replacement. If the crack or fracture is more "lateral"... a full root canal is provided.

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