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FAQ:  Cracked Tooth

Cracked Teeth Molars Ara Nazarian Question:
Cracked bottom back tooth: I have great teeth. I always have been taking care of them, and one day my dentist says I have a cracked tooth and that I need to get a crown.

Why does a tooth crack? Can this have happened with one of the dentist tools when doing my cleaning? ... Visitor from FL

There are a number of different ways teeth can become cracked, including: using teeth as a "tool", eating ice, teeth clenching (bruxing), missing or damaged adjacent teeth that cause a lateral force and bad occlusion.

Be aware that crowning a cracked tooth can end in failure if the crack or fracture extends deep into the tooth. Internal cracks and fractures can't be seen well on an xray... be careful. Root Canals on cracked teeth can also fail.

Dental tools don't typicaly crack healthy teeth, unless, for example, an adjacent tooth is being used as a fulcum to loosen an adjacent tooth.

A Nazarian, DDS

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