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FAQ:  Cracked Tooth

I have a cracked molar. One dentist says he will put a crown on it. Another dentist says that would be a waste of time and money since a cracked tooth can not be repaired and would eventually have to be removed, rendering the crown a waste. The first dentist said the crown would stop the crack. Please help. Who is correct? ...Scott

Scott, a picture is worth a thousand words, but I have restored many teeth that have cracks with well fitting crowns and they have lasted for years. The crown that is placed should be bonded into place with a resin cement like Panavia.

If you have a situation like this in my office, I explain that we are taking a risk but if we win, we have saved a tooth. If we lose we can take out the tooth, but we can always do that. The next step would be a bridge or implant. I usually take the fee of the crown off the final procedure because I am willing to share the risk with the patient. The dentist who wants to try to save the tooth is someone you can discuss his plans about the restoration and will he/she bond the crown on?

Editorial Staff

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