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FAQ:  Cracked Tooth

Sore tooth after cracked tooth fixed: I just got my bottom right tooth fixed after my dentist had found a little crack and he had fixed it.

Now I am still in a lot of pain and he has now put me on antibiotics. I am wondering why can't I sleep because my tooth hurts so much? Help! ...Visitor from Ontario Canada

Cracked teeth are difficult to treat, in terms of restoring it to the point of providing normal function.

Cracks and undiagnosed fractures can migrate toward and into the nerve and root structure of any given tooth. Refilling an old failed filling in a molar, for example, can create even more symptoms since excavating an old filling presents risk of getting too close to the nerve.

Antibiotic medications are superb for treating a "real" infection issue, but may not be as superb for an issue that doens't involve infection but instead, an issue of having a tooth fracture that is too close to the nerve.

Crowning such a tooth may not be a definitive treatment for treating a cracked or fractured tooth since a new dental crown can cause cracks and fractures to flex... causing more sensitivity or pain issues due to a crack being too close to the nerve.

Many dentists will recommend a dental implant or some type of bridgework to replace such a tooth.

Editorial Staff

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