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FAQ:  Bleeding Gums

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Ask the Periodontist about Bleeding Gums Christopher McFarland Question:
I woke up this morning with a mouth full of blood.

I have broken decayed teeth as well but this bleeding really scared me. I had a botched root canal some years ago which has had me fearful of going to the dentist, but its time to do something.

I just don't know where to start. Can you help me?

As long as you are not having some serious medical issue with your digestive system, I believe you are having problems due to periodontal disease.

Your gums will bleed heavily if irritated by the hard buildup that forms on your teeth. This can occur overnight and you wake with blood clotted in your mouth.

Also, if you have broken teeth, your gums can grow up over those broken areas and bleed very freely I understand your hesitance to go the the dentist, but it's something you just have to do at this point.

Chronic low grade infection in your mouth can lead to serious heart problems. Get some consults with a Periodontist.

Christopher McFarland, DMD
Atlanta Prosthodontist - Periodontist
2530 Lawrenceville Highway
Decatur - Duluth - Atlanta, GA
(770) 492-0256

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