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FAQ:  Bleeding Gums

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Are bleeding gums hereditary?: I'm 16 years old and for as long as I can remember, I've had bad gums. They bleed whenever I brush and I constantly get infections, mostly on my upper gums above my molars. I swish with hydrogen peroxide when I have this problem and use Listerine, as well as brush my gums vigorously.

My father has the same gum problems, as well. Could this just be a hereditary thing that's not much to worry about? When I went to the dentist for this problem, they gave me an antibiotic and it did work. He said the infections might be caused by stress, and I am taking midterms now.

How can I make it so my gums will stay healthy for good? ...Visitor from NY

The gums bleeding may be coming from many factors. You should be seen by a periodontist (Gum dentist) and have a blood test done by your Medical Doctor. This would determine the cause of the problem.

Editorial Staff

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