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Dental Health Library - Article Index


Dental Boards
What Is FAGD - MAGD?
Who or what is a Best Dentist?
Free dental care - affordable financing
Help for single parent families - disability populations

Medicines and pain management anesthetics

Medication Chart
Sedation Types
EKG Pulse Monitor - Sedation Safety

Childrens Dentistry

Childhood Dental Diseases
Pediatric Phobia's
Gummy Smiles caused by Braces

Holistic Dentistry Issues - Treatment Alternatives

Holistic TMJ Diagnosis and Treatments
Amalgam Mercury Issues
Avoiding Orthognathic Surgery

Bone and Tissue Grafting

Bone Graft Basics
Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)
GTR for Receding Gums
Jawbone Resorption
Pictures: Before and After Grafting
No Bone Left?
Video: The Importance of Bone Grafts
Video: Live Jawbone Grafting Surgery

Gum and Gingival Tissue Health

Xerostomia - Dry Mouth
Bad Breath Causes
Gingivitis Contagious?
Black - Brown Gums: Melanin Overproduction
Pink Gingiva Laser
Receding Gums
Gum Disease
Periodontal Surgery
Photo Gallery

Soft and Hard Tissue Grafting

Jawbone Health and Treatment Issues

Jawbone Density
Occlusal Physics
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery
Unnecessary Extraction
Oral Surgery
Tooth Extractions

Tooth Enamel

Thinning - Causes and Prevention
Demineralization - Process and Treatment
Dry Mouth - Xerostomia - Meth Mouth
Cause - Effect - Treatment Outline
Whitening Myths

Denture Dentistry

Metal Core Palateless Denture
All On 4 Denture Alternative
Wear and Tear Issues: No Bone Left?
Affordable Tooth Choices for Young Adults
Mini Implant Surgery Description
Super Glue Denture Repair
Bargain Dentures
Overcoming the Gag Reflex
Immediate Dentures
Denture Relining
Product Comparison: Valplast - Cusil Partials
Creative Alternative to the Flipper
Denture Hygiene Whitening Products

TMJ - Neuromuscular Craniofacial Topics

Orthodontic Migraines
Headache Pain
RF Thermoneurolosis
Depression TMJ
TMJ Pain?
Occlusion Splints

Implant Dentistry: Surgery and Tooth Replacement

All On 4 Computer Guided Implants
100 Percent Zirconia Implants Have Arrived
Implant Failures
Implant Socket Grafts
State of the Art Implants
Implants Explained
One Day Implant
Implant Supported Bridges
Mini Implants
Surgery Guides
Teeth In An Hour

Root Canals

Root Canal Pain
RCT - Root Canals
Broken RCT Files

Individual Teeth Issues

Sensitive Teeth
Loose Shifting Teeth
Cracked Fractures

Dental Crowns

Crown Facts
Loose Crowns
Gold Crowns

Dental Veneers

Causes of Veneer Failure
Porcelain Laminate Procedure Description
Good - Bad Veneers
Diastema Tooth Gaps

Sleep Apnea

CPAP Stop Snoring

Why Articulators are Important

Avoiding Bad Dentistry

Advancements in Dental Xrays

Diagnostics: 3-D Imaging
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