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Orthodontist Wants a Tooth Pulled: I have braces and my top tooth number 11 never came in.

Initially when I went to my orthodontist my main concern was the look of my top teeth. Another Dr. who used to work in the office did my consultation and recommended a dental implant which I never had done because everybody I called said they were no longer doing that procedure.

So the other doctor "my main orthodontist" advised me she wanted me to have my bottom tooth number 21 extracted instead of the implant.

I am very hesitant about having a tooth pulled when there is nothing wrong with it. What should I do? My orthodontic office is giving me a real hard time about not having it pulled . ....Visitor from GA

I would need to have your records to answer this question precisely.

For missing teeth the treatment of choice is implants. I assure you that implants are still being done.

Implants are the future of dentistry. But it really depends on the treatment plan.

You are missing the maxillary left canine which is tooth #11. If you have a significant amount of crowding you may not need an implant and just utilize the maxillary first premolar, which is the tooth #12, in place of the missing canine.

The reason for removing tooth #21, which is the lower left first premolar, may be due to crowding. It is hard to answer everything without records.

Editorial Staff

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