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Teeth are moving again: I completed ortho treatment and had my braces taken off 1 year ago.. But after 3 months my bottom permanent retainer just broke off. I ignored the issue until 2 months ago.

My 2 bottom middle teeth started moving. The first is moving backward while the other is moving forward. So i went to see the orthodontist, and he said that since braces again will be expensive, he will give me a removable spring retainer.

He said that it will take 2 years to fix them. But he said something that scared me, which is I should take responsibility if it didn't work. He has the right to say that....but i'am just scared.

Will the retainer fix the problem? It has been 2 months wearing the retainer and still no progress till now. ...Visitor from Lebanon

Standard retainers are designed to keep things in place after successful ortho treatment.

Your dentist/orthodontist at least was willing to try an alternative method of re-treatment that he suspected would not be as effective a traditional orthodontics. Moving teeth "too fast" can cause irreversible root damage, which is probably why he mentioned you would be the responsible party.

Investigate the possibility of getting "accelerated orthodontics." If your present care provider doesn't offer it.... find one that does. It is becoming a very popular and effective treatment choice for undergoing full orthodontic treatment in a fraction of the normal treatment time (about 6 months).

Remember, for most orthodontic patients.... the use of retainers is a lifetime commitment. Editorial Staff

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