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FAQ:  Invisible Braces

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Fastbraces for Adults: I am a 39 year old female who has severe overcrowding teeth in the mouth.

I started to receive FASTBRACES treatments through a regular dentist. So far, I have gotten some of my teeth shaved (states it is only enamel and dentist added composite). Next week I am scheduled to get jaw extenders in my mouth.

After wearing the extender for an undisclosed period of time, I will then have single wire fastbraces applied to my upper and lower teeth.

My question is: what are the long term complications of having my teeth shaved as they were AND what are the dangers of having jaw extenders applied at my age. Are jaw extenders safe at my age? Are fastbraces safe? Do I risk losing all my teeth? ...Visitor from WI

Accelerated Orthodontics, in and of itself, is not a new treatment protocol that involves the use of newly created products or new technologies.

Rather, it is becoming the treatment of choice for using today's existing technologies and proven products to create the cosmetic anf functional changes patients want within a time frame that is significantly shortened, when compared to traditional orthodontics.

Tooth rotations may be treated with veneer and bonding treatments to create a "successful re-rotation" very quickly. Certain undersized teeth within a bite may also be treated with a veneer or even a crown product.

Missing teeth within a smile are often "corrected" with dental implants. Wires and brackets are used in conventional ways to facilitate the straightening needed.

The "shaving" of teeth is essentially identical to preparing a tooth for a veneer product, which has been a popular treatment for decades. In accelerated orthodontics, the shaving also focuses on creating needed space for tooth movement and sizing.

Expanders are commonly used to create space by modifying the size and/or shape of the arch to teeth that creates a matched occlusal surface with the opposing jaw. Expanders are routinely used by many dentists and orthodontists for patients in their 60's and even 70's.

Accelerated Orthodontics is truly the creative use of popular and successful dental treatments that can deliver very dramatic results for the "adult jaw". This protocol is not recommendeded for young patients who are still progressing through developmental stages that affect dentition.

College students (late teens-early 20's) often use this protocol to replace orthodontic treatment they may have needed during younger years... but currently can't participate in due to school schedules and intra-semester travel requirements.

In one extreme case for a Michigan patient, we know of a 50'ish male executive who completed his orthodontic treatment within 30 days.... using ALL of the procedures and products mentioned above.

It is likely you will have a very dramatic treatment result.

Editorial Staff

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